22 April 2013

Progress Update

The Pre-1920 Oklahoma Death Index is now at 424,116 entries.

• Just finished extracting death information from Blaine County probate records, about 850 entries in all.

• Working through the Dawes Enrollment Cards for Cherokees. It will probably take most of this year to finish all the Cherokee cards. I'm including those with death dates AND the deaths of parents and spouses listed as dead (their death listed as pre1900-08, for example).

* About half way through deaths recorded at the Sequoyah County Court House. These were periodically recorded by doctors and cover time period of about 1908 to 1917.

• Finished reading through the Beaver Herald, 1895 through end of 1919.

• Started reading through the Langston City Herald (up to Feb 1896).

My computer is a several years old Mac laptop. Apparently the operating system is not compatible with any of the current browsers, so I lose ability to post on this blog most of the time. Soon, I will inherit my daughters 2 year old PC laptop, so should be back to normal abilities and displays. Hopefully I will be able to get back to weekly postings! Until then...Good Hunting!