05 July 2015

Blog Update: 495,148 Entries

In the past 5 months, I have been active extracting information for record sources and entering that data into my Pre-1920 Oklahoma Death Index. I've also given talks to the Cleveland County Genealogical Society (at Norman), the Garfield County Genealogists (in Enid) and the Edmond Genealogical Society.

This morning I updated the database and added 4,267 entries. Those entries came from these sources:
  • Creek Equalization Records (1646 entries)
  • Choctaw County Probates (1192 entries)
  • Tulsa's Oaklawn Cemetery burial printout, surnames A-E (830 entries)
  • Tulsa's Rose Hill Memorial Park tombstones from the east half of cemetery (7 entries)
  • The Cherokee Advocate newspaper (283 entries)
  • Edmond's Gracelawn Cemetery tombstones (316 entries)
  • Blue County, Choctaw Nation probate records (238 entries)
  • Cheyenne/Arapaho Agency Deaths, Births, Adoptions and Guardianships (209 entries)
In total, this represents about 100 hours of work, including extracting and entering.

I will continue extracting records. Over the next few months I will be researching how to get this database on-line. My plans are to have it available on a subscription basis. I have consulted with a few librarians on what they see as a reasonable/viable price point. I'd like to hear from some individuals on what you think would be a reasonable subscription price for individuals. What would be a reasonable yearly price? Should I also offer a monthly price? Or even a one time/daily price?

Currently the database has 495,148 entries. At my current extraction and entry rate I should have about 505,000 entries by the end of the year.