24 May 2010

Civil War Deaths

I was looking through some old emails and found a set from 4 or so years ago. I had corresponded with a man who had a newspaper account of casualties from the Battle of Honey Springs/Elk Horn Tavern. The article listed Confederate casualties only. The majority were for men of the 20th and 29th Texas Cavalries.

It amazed that 63 deaths (if I counted correctly) in east central Indian Territory were reported in a Texas newspaper. And along with the deaths were included names of those injured mortally, severely, and slightly. The list was by Regiment and then by company within the regiment. Within the company, casualties were divided by rank.

This just goes to show that sometimes you have to look elsewhere for records from "here". I doubt that ANY Indian Territory newspaper listed deaths from the battle. And the list in this newspaper article is more complete than I have seen in the Official Records.

And even better, my correspondent in a separate email included in brackets the full name of the soldiers as listed in Broadstreet's Index of Confederate Soldiers from Texas. Nearly all names in the newspaper article are initials only. So to have the full names is especially pleasing.

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