27 August 2010

NEW TOTAL: 164,420 Entries

August has been a GREAT month so far. The database is up to 164,420 entries. I pick a county to work on at home, a county to work on at work (before and during lunch), and a source to work on on Saturday mornings before picking my daughter up from school at OSSM.

I have been fairly diligent, but I also have responsibilities as a member of the graves registration committee for the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. I add entries for Oklahoma. I also verify entries submitted to the database before they are entered in the database. Add to that yard work, house work, family life, etc. and it is amazing, at least to me, that over 10,000 entries were added in 3 weeks!

My goal for the year was to reach 150,000. Hmmmm...maybe I should revise my goal. I can just hear Leroy Jethro Gibbs saying "....Ya think!" (and then slapping me on the back of the head).

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