07 August 2011

Works in Progress....

Current total of the database is just over 268,000 entries.

Current extraction "projects":

Beaver Herald (Beaver Co. OK) 1895-1919.
- Currently in late 1902.

Durant Weekly News (Bryan Co. OK) 1904-1919.
- Currently in mid-1914.

Wapanucka Press (Johnston Co. OK) 1902-1907.
- Currently in Aug 1904

Our People and Where They Rest ©1970s 12 volumes by Tyner.
- currently near end of volume 4.

All these projects are slow going. But I'm still averaging over 1000 entries per week. My goal for the year was to average 5000 per month, or 1250 per week. I have surpassed the "yearly amount" in 7 months, so hope to hit 300,000 entries by the end of the year.

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