13 July 2012

     I just added 14,249 new records:

- 1200 death notices/obits from the Beaver Herald
     (still have 1910 through 1919 to extract)

- 1400 death notices/obits from the Daily Ardmoreite
     (still have 1903 through 1919 to extract)

- 6000+ deaths from Creek by Blood Dawes Enrollment cards
     (still have 1100 cards to go through)

- 4000+ deaths from Creek Freedmen Dawes Enrollment cards
     (still have 100 cards to go through)

-1000+ deaths from Chaney Funeral Home of McAlester OK books
     (still have vols 1-3, 9B and 10 to go through)

These are my current ongoing projects. As smaller sources become available, I take time off to do through those sources.

After I finish the Creek records, I will still have Choctaw, Chickasaw and Cherokee card to go through.

*** Current Total:  353,507  pre-1920 Oklahoma deaths!! ***

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