27 January 2013

Oklahoma City Death Record Books

     Several years ago two volumes of OKC death records were donated to the Oklahoma History Center. The OHS has finally ironed out the problems with digitizing the oversized volumes and have put the two volumes covering 1908 through 1924 onto a single CD. Work is in progress to extract information into a searchable database with basic information from the two volumes.

     The information in records is amazing. Included are:
• Name
• Death location
• Gender and race
• Birth date and/or age (usually age)
• Marital status
• Birth place (usually just the state)
• Names of parents and their birth places (states)
• Occupation (usually left blank)
• Death date
• Cause of death
• Contributing cause of death
• Place of burial (cemetery if local, city if elsewhere)
• Funeral Home
• Date record was filed
• Comments column (usually for homicide, auto death, suicide, or WWI service info)

    As you can see, there is a wealth of information in these death volumes. I have extracted information for the 11,638 deaths that occurred before 1920. These records will soon be incorporated into my Pre-1920 Oklahoma Death Index.

     Suprisingly, 40 records were recorded after 1 Jan 1920! Most of these were WWI reburials (disinterred in France for burial in OKC) or disinterments from elsewhere to Fairlawn Cemetery or Rose Hill Cemetery in OKC. Even though entries start on 17 Feb 1908, there are 12 deaths recorded for people who died before 1908. The earliest recorded death is for L.C. Hubbell aged 17y who died 14 June 1893 at Monroe City LA and was disinterred to Fairlawn Cemetery in May 1921.

     Keep a look out for these records to be available at the OHS in the not too distant future. Also, for the time being I am doing free look ups from my Pre-1920 Oklahoma Death Index which now has over 410,000 entries.


  1. That is awesome! Would you look for Talton L. Logan, please? He was in OKC in 1912. Thank you!

    1. I do not have an entry for this man in my database (covers through end of 1919). I also checked the rest of the OKC Death Books (through mid 1924) and did not find him. You might check the Fairlawn CEmetery records (on-line, http://www.fairlawncemeteryokc.com/

  2. I love what you're doing. A couple of questions: Why is it the Oklahoma does not have a more comprehensive index post 1920? Can I help volunteer to index records as well?
    Additionally, I am interested in a lookup if possible.
    Peter Arthur Nourse - D) 2 Jan 1917 in Creek County, OK.

    1. Peter A. Nourse 1884-2 Jan 1917 buried Oakwood Cemetery at Mounds OK.
      I also have a Caroline Lucile Nourse 4y-7 Apr 1916 buried Green Hill Cemetery in Muskogee OK
      Also a Jesiah Nourse died 1898 and buried Enid Cemetery, Garfield Co. OK.

  3. Thank you for checking on Talton L Logan.

  4. I've almost given up.....almost. Looking for my ggreat grandmother Martha Narcissa Woodward. Died July 20 1928 in Caddo county. I know she was born May 1851. I've searched high and low. your help is so very appreciated. Thank you!

    1. My apologies,upon further reading ,I understand your researching abilities are limited more to pre 1920s.

  5. Can you please look up John Ober please?


    1. There is no John Ober in the OKC Death Books. Nor do have a John Ober in my index of 445,000+ entries. Sorry for the negative response...

  6. Can you find a John Peter Brough died Oct. 1912

  7. Can you find a John Peter Brough died Oct. 1912