31 January 2013

Oklahoma Probate Records Now On-Line!!!

     Familysearch.org has now scanned and made available on-line early probate records for most of Oklahoma. The amount and types of probate records vary by county depending on what records the LDS Church microfilm crews were allowed to film. Several counties have indexes included in scanned files!

     When looking for death dates, don't limit your searches to just estate and will files. I have found death dates of parents in guardianship files. A death date can also be roughly determined from the Appearance Docket (death before the filing date, but close to that filing date).

     Nearly all counties have SOME scanned files. So below are those counties for which NO files are accessible:

Coal              Grady           Love              Sequoyah
Craig             Johnston       Murray
Creek           Kiowa          Osage
Garfield         Lincoln         Pawnee

     There is also one county that no longer exists that had files: Day County. This county covered all or parts of Ellis, Roger Mills and Dewey counties before statehood.

To access these files go to Family Search at this URL:



  1. When you say ..."No files are accessible" do you mean that the counties wouldn't allow the documents to be accessed or scanned?

    1. The LDS church was microfilming . Some counties allowed access to just about any record they wanted to microfilm. Other counties only allowed access to very early records or even just index volumes. Some counties either did not allow access or the LDS microfilmers did not make it to those counties. In those cases the records are no accessible through Family Search, unfortunately.