31 March 2016

Recent Progress...Another 5,488 Records!!

Over the month of March 2016 I have added another 5,488 records to my Pre-1920 Oklahoma Death Index. This includes:
  • Daily Ardmoreite  17 Jan 1910-16 Feb 1910  (62 records)
  • Daily Ardmoreite  30 Nov 1894-26 Aug 1895  (289 records)
  • Cherokee Advocate (Tahlequah) 5 Jan 1883-21 Oct 1893  (363 records)
  • Creek Equalization Records  Creek #8279-#9290  (2,451 records)
  • Harvey Funeral Home (Ardmore)  21 Sept 1898-7 Nov 1904  (1,185 records)
  • J. Wood Taliaferro Funeral Home (Ardmore) 31 May 1918-31 Dec 1919 (96 records)
  • St. Clair Funeral Home (Lawton)  2 Aug 1916-26 Aug 1918  (617 records)
  • South Cemetery (Ardmore) Sexton's Records  1900-1905  (410 records)
  • Woodward Star  1 June 1894 & 29 Aug 1894-19 Sept 1896 (15 records)
My plans for the next several months are to focus on:
  1. Daily Ardmoreite obits and Harvey Funeral Home records (Ardmore area deaths);
  2. St. Clair County Funeral Home records, Ritter-Gray Funeral Home records and Highland Cemetery records (Lawton area deaths);
  3. Creek Equalization Records (Creek Indians, but also quite a few Seminoles);
  4. Cherokee Advocate obits (Tahlequah)
I am making a list of sources as they become available and/or as I "discover" them.

This brings the total to 530,439 death references!!


  1. Hello, I admire the massive amount of work you have done in Oklahoma research. Can you look up a John J. McDonald for me please? He died in 1921 near Pernell, Stephens Co., Oklahoma and is buried in Sandy Bear Cemetery. Here is his grave info: http://findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=19942289. I have many many more inquiries, but this is a start. Thank you very much.

    Craig McDonald

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