04 June 2017

UPDATE: Blog and Indexing are Back on Track!

It has been a Whirlwind past 20 months...one lay off followed by 3 job changes and one retirement from a profession. Now that I have my feet fairly firmly set again, I will start posting again to this blog.

During this time period, I did NOT stop extracting records for my Pre-1920 Oklahoma Death Index. Today I added 4400+ more entries from:
- The Daily Ardmoreite (1910-1913)
- The Cherokee Advocate (1882-1906)
- "Fatalities in the Coal Mines of Indian Territory and Southeastern Oklahoma 1885-1962" by   
   Thurman Shuller (NOTE: this includes records from churches in SE Oklahoma)
- Woodward News 15 & 24 June 1894

This brings the total of the dataset to 539,363 entries!!

In the next queue I already have:
- 150+ entries from the Altus Times (1907-1909)
- 17,000+ entries from OK2Explore for 1908-1909-1910
- 5000+ entries from OK2Explore for 1915

I will not be adding the OK2Explore records to the database until I have finished all years 1908-1919.

That will be  a total of 125,592 records, all from the "official" OKlahoma State Department of Health's Index of Deaths (which is available on-line, but has TONS of mistakes in it).

Hopefully I will have them all done by the end of 2017.

My plan is to add a new blog post every Wednesday.

So until next time...Good Hunting!!

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