15 December 2010

16 Civil War Veterans Identified!

One of my reasons for starting this pre-1920 Oklahoma Death Index was to help in identifying Civil War veterans' graves. As a member of the Sons of Union Veterans (SUVCW) National Graves Registration Committee, and as the Graves Registration Officer for the Department of Oklahoma, it is my job to locate and identify the graves of Civil War veterans.

So this past weekend I spent about an hour scrolling through the index in the file that covers surnames A through E. Starting at the end of the file and scrolling upwards, I was able to identify 16 men as veterans of the Civil War. Now these are men NOT among the 13,000+ already identified (all buried in Oklahoma).

They are:

- Dougherty, William B. Capt 33 OH Inf Hennessey Cemetery, Kingfisher Co.
- Doutheit, Levi Pvt E 2 AR Inf Cummings Cemetery, Pottawatomie Co.
- Dowling, Finton Pvt A 18 IA Inf Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Co.
- Doyle, William Pvt F 18 IA Inf Vaughn Cemetery, LeFlore Co.
- Doyle, John B. Pvt K 18 IA Inf Green Hill Cemetery Muskogee Co.
- Dukes, John F. Pvt E 16 MO Cav & E 6 MO PEM New Mellette Cemetery, McIntosh Co.
- Dunlap, Robert W. Pvt A 6 MO Inf CSA Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, Pawnee Co.
- Derr, John J. Transport Service QM Dept US Vols Cashion Cemetery, Kingfisher Co.
- Easley, John T. Pvt E,G 9 TN Cav Retrop Cemetery, Washita Co.
- Echols, Charles E. Pvt E 59 USC Inf Lewisville Cemetery, Haskell Co.
- Edgar, Sylvester C. Pvt F 17 KY Cav Canute Cemetery, Washita Co.
- Elder, Thomas Confederate Army Old Canute Cemetery, Washita Co.
- Eschler, John Pvt F 5 MO Cav & Pvt F Benton Hussars MO Cav Independence Cemetery, Custer Co.
- Evans, Haiden W. Pvt H 14 MO Cav & Pvt D 76 MO EM Oakley Cemetery, Dewey Co.
- Evans, William M. Pvt C 23 IA Inf Carnegie/Oak Grove Cemetery, Caddo Co.
- Ewing, William Pvt D 145 IL Inf Rossville, Lincoln Co.

I can't imagine how many "new" veterans I'll find when I finish the entire alphabet. The one that really excites me is William M. Evans. He served in the same regiment as my ancestor, Sylvester Gridley Beckwith.

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