05 December 2010

NEW TOTAL: 200,204 Entries!!!!

I started the year with a goal of reaching 150,000 entries by the end of 2010. In about July I revised that to 175,000, and in September to 200,000. Well, as of yesterday, my database of deaths in Oklahoma up to 31 Dec 1919 is now 200,204 entries!

I get easily bored just sitting down watching sports these days (in my old age). So while I watched OU and Nebraska beat on each other, I had my computer on my lap and did "data entry". It's amazing how many entries I was able to type in while watching the game. Over 400 new additions from the Cleveland County probate index are now in the index.

Some call this multitasking. Others blame such actions on ADD or hyperactivity. It's also been referred to as "work-aholism". But I simply love "doing genealogy". And I'm at my best when compiling records and information.

So by the end of 2010, I expect to have 210,000 entries in my Pre-1920 Oklahoma Death Index. If you need me to check the index for you, email me and I'll do a quick check for free. If it proves useful, a donation would be greatly appreciated. It will help with the cost of gas to go to cemeteries, court houses and libraries around Oklahoma.

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